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About Us

Welcome to BOAT GURU, BASCO Boating's newest platform, dedicated to helping you buy and sell more easily.

BASCO is the most reliable and effective boating platform in Asia-Pacific. We strive to address issues faced by the boating community in the traditional boat brokerage by investing our time to understand our customers and their needs so as to provide accurate information and present our best practices to help them achieve their innermost dreams about life at sea.

With everything for your boating lifestyle all in one place, buying and selling boats, charters, parts, accessories, it just got way easier.


BASCO Boating consists of 3 main areas

  1. BASCO Connect is dedicated to bringing people in the boating community together.

Our community hosts a range of free events to network, connect and expand the boating community and to share the joys and pleasures of the boating lifestyle.  


  1. BASCO Advise is dedicated to imparting knowledge about boating and boats

We advise First-Time Boaters about the risks and costs of owning and operating a boat.  We advise Boat Bosses who want to upgrade, maintain, or sell their boats.  We consult on new boats.  


  1. BASCO Trade is dedicated to facilitating a simpler and easier buying and selling process

With our Online Boat Shows, this Boat Guru Marketplace and Boat Guru Maintenance. These three divisions mean BASCO Boating is the most reliable and effective boating platform in Asia-Pacific. 


If you are seeking


  • After sales customer service and professionalism
  • Trusted and reliable boat sellers and boat brokers, and
  • Ease, reliability and safety of inspection, transaction and dispute resolution, you are in the right place.


              If you are a provider of boats or charters, parts, accessories, boat services or a boat owner, and you are looking

  • To sell your boat fast and at a good price
  • To find trusted and reliable boat buyers and boat brokers
  • For more business, and
  • For ease, reliability, and safety of transaction, you are in the right place.

Fill in the Contact Us Form or click on the chat box to make a time to speak in person. Or, simply, get registered and get listing!  Come On Board!


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